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Do I Need To Take Out Tenant Insurance?

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Fri 17 Mar 2023

Do I Need To Take Out Tenant Insurance?

There Is No Legal Requirement To Take Out Tenant Insurance

If I rent my home in the Wyre Forest or Shropshire, do I need to take out tenant insurance? This is a question we hear all the time – and we have the answer!

You may think that there’s no need to take out any insurance. After all, the property is your landlord’s responsibility so if anything goes wrong, you won’t need to pay out. Unfortunately, though, accidents can happen, and in some cases, this may result in money being deducted from your deposit.

With this in mind, the team at Doolittle & Dalley would always advise tenants to ensure they not only have appropriate contents insurance to keep their personal belongings covered but also tenant liability cover so that their deposit is protected too.

Is It A Legal Requirement To Take Out Tenant Insurance?

No, there’s no legal requirement to take out tenant insurance. If you have any valuables like mobile phones, computers, jewellery, or bicycles within your property, it’s wise to take out cover for those possessions in case of damage or theft though.

It’s also important to bear in mind that while you’re a tenant in the property, you also have responsibility for any of the landlord’s contents including fittings, fixtures, and furnishings. It’s wise, then, to have an insurance policy that will cover all of those things too, since accidental damage to an expensive item could wipe out your deposit.

How Does Tenant Insurance Work For Flat Shares?

If you’re sharing a house or flat with others, it’s possible to either obtain a single common policy to insure everybody living in the property, or your own policy, covering only your room’s contents. Letting the insurer know that you live in a house share arrangement is sensible, though, since they may need to confirm that your room has a lock on its door.

Another point to note if you’re taking out one policy for multiple residents in a property is that if a single individual that you share with is making an insurance claim, your insurance could be affected too, leaving you paying a higher premium for as long as five years after the claim, even when you’re no longer sharing a home with that individual.

For students who are sharing a property, a policy that is intended specifically for students is generally needed instead of a general insurance policy for tenants.

What Does Tenant Insurance Include?

There are two primary things included in a tenant insurance policy.

  • Tenant liability
  • Contents cover

With contents cover,  if any of your personal items are stolen, damaged, or lost, this will cover the expense of replacing or repairing them.

Tenant liability cover will pay for any repairs necessary to the landlord’s items like fixtures, fittings, and furniture, in the event of an accident. You may also be able to add extra cover for specific possessions that are especially valuable and to protect your items when they’re outside the property.

Must I Take Out Building Insurance As A Tenant?

Building insurance is the landlord’s responsibility, not the tenant’s, so there is no need to take out this type of cover when you are renting your home.

Is Anything Not Covered Under A Tenant’s Insurance Policy?

Wear and tear is never covered under an insurance policy and neither is an unforced entry. If you leave your window or door open, a burglar enters and steals your belongings, you won’t be protected. In some cases, cover lapses when the property remains unoccupied for a specified timeframe – typically 30 days.

When you make an insurance claim, you’ll usually need to pay an excess, but the amount will vary by policy. Make sure you check this before you agree to any policy so you’ll know how much you’ll be expected to pay towards your costs.

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